Ranking pages enable users to create questions where participants will be asked to order a set of options according to their preferences in light of the context presented. Just like other types of questions in Welphi, rounds after the first can show the aggregated results as a chart thus making it easier for participants no analyze the results and eventually update their opinions.

Ranking page example for round 2

Please note that if you have setup a ranking page in a previous round, you can only edit some details for that page on later rounds.

Ranking questions

A ranking question can easily be set up just by dragging a new question from the toolbox to the page area on the right (see image below). Once you do this, you can start filling the:

  • Question details – This is where you write the actual question being asked to participants.
  • Ranking options – For each question you need to provide the options that you want participants to rank. Just enter the new option and click the button “add new option” as many times as you need.
  • Minimum ranked options – For each question, you can decide how many options each participant has to rank. Although it may be obvious to have them rank all options, it may be useful to just ask people to choose and rank the top X options. By default, Welphi will assume that all options are to be ranked. If this is not case, just change it.


Page Details

  • Round 2 and next

Users can edit answers – Leaving this box unchecked will prevent participnats from changing their answer from the previous round. This can be helpful when you want to promote participants interaction during a round, for example by using a forum control, and let them change their opinions on a later stage only.

Show Forum – The forum control is a live interactive chat control. Once you check this box, you will be able to add forum topics you want your participants to focus on. You can also create new topics after the round has started.

Show chart – As long as you had the same page on a previous round, you can check this box to automatically show include a chart with all participants answers aggregated data.