Welphi makes it very easy to invite participants into your questionnaire and follow their progress.

To learn how you can invite your participants view the article: Inviting participants to your Welphi questionnaire

To access the participants status screen just click the “ROUND STATUS AND INVITATIONS” BUTTON on the participants status panel that can be found on the right hand side of the Round setup screen.

participants status panel

participants status panel

In the participants status page you will see two different pieces of information: the status of the invitation e-mail you sent (“status” column) and the progress across all pages of the questionnaire (columns labeled from pages names).

Progress monitoring page

Progress monitoring page


E-mail Status

Welphi lets you send your invitation e-mails and keep track of their status right after you send them. Even if you keep your page untouched, Welphi will regularly update the information about e-mail status.

Please keep in mind that the information is based upon the last e-mail sent only. If you send a reminder e-mail, for example, you will loose information about the previews invitation e-mail.

There are 4 different symbols representing the status of e-mail delivery:

No e-mail sent yetNo e-mails have been sent to this participant yet

Email status SentThe e-mail was sent to the participant

Email status ViewedThe e-mail was opened by the participant

Email status ErrorThere was an error delivering the e-mail. Some common reasons are, the e-mail address is wrong or the e-mail box is full

Additionally, you can click the icon to get detailed information about the latest date and time of each event as well as the number of times it occurred.

E-mail status details

E-mail status details


Questionnaire progress

Several progress status messages can be found for each participant in each page of your questionnaire

  •  a hyphen (“-“) sign indicates that the participant did not access that particular page;
  •  “InformedConsent Agree” indicates that the participant has accessed and accepted your informed consent. Obviously, this message will only show up for the informed consent pages.
  •  – “Entry” will indicates that the participant has accessed that particular page but did not complete the page by clicking the “Next” button on that page. Please note that this message will show up regardless of the number of questions the participant may have completed on the page. The status will only change to “completed” when the “next” button is clicked. Since some page types do not require all answers to be filled before moving on, the compl
  • “completed” indicates that the user has clicked the “next” button thus navigating to the next page. Since some page types do not require all answers to be filled before moving on, the completed status will not necessarily mean all questions where answered


Inviting and reminding participants

Once you have launched your round by clicking the “Start” button (more on this here), you can now invite them to fill in your questionnaire. The easiest way to do this, is to check the “check all” box on the participants list table and then click the “Send: Invite” button at the top of the page.

When you send an e-mail from within Welphi, the selected participants will receive an e-mail with a text (that you can customize) which includes a participation link that welphi automatically creates for each participant. Once participants receive the e-mail sent by welphi, they just just have to click the link to open the questionnaire in their browsers.

In some cases, you may want to send the invitations yourself, by using your own e-mail client or any other platform. To do this, just click the “Load access links” at the top of the page and copy each participants unique URL. Please remember that each link is unique for each participant.

Participants access links

Participants access links

Just like the invite e-mail, you can also customise and send “reminder” and “last reminder” e-mails following the steps described above.