In this article you will learn how to start using the Welphi platform to create and share Delphi questionnaires.

In Welphi, a Delphi questionnaire is represented by a process. To create a new process, go to your “Home” page (the page you see right after you login), and click the “Create New Process” button at the top of the page. Give your new process a name and, optionally, a description.

Create process button

Create process button


To create the structure of your questionnaire, with pages and questions, you have to start by creating a round. To do this just look for your process on the home page and click the “add round” button inside that process box. You will notice that there is now a new round listed just below the process name.

Please note that by default only 3 rounds are shown. To show additional rounds please click the “View all rounds” button.

After you have created your new round, you will be redirected to that round setup screen.

Round setup screen

Round setup screen


Once you get to the round setup screen you are presented with a list of all the pages included in that round. Each page belongs to a specific type which, in turn can contain specific types of questions inside. The types of pages you can include in your questionnaire are:

  • Survey pages
  • Informed consent pages
  • Qualitative Delphi
  • Quantitative Delphi
  • Ranking Delphi

To learn more about all possible page types check the Round page types.

By default, Welphi will automatically create 3 pages in your round. A “Welcome message”, a Delphi Qualitative page”  and a “Thank you” message page. The “Welcome message” page is the first page your participants will see after logging in. You may want to provide a description about your project, the estimated duration of the questionnaire and what will happen next.

The “Thank you” page can be used to let users now they have finished this rounds’ questions and provide an explanation about what will take place next, in case further rounds will be conducted. When an informed consent page is included in your round, the “Thank you” page is where they will be redirected to in case they do not consent. The text of these pages is totally customised.

The Qualitative Delphi page is the most simple type of Delphi you can run in Welphi. In this page you can use a qualitative scale which your participants can use to validate set of indicators, criteria, projects, strategies or whatever the subject of your study is.

By clicking the “Add page” button you can add additional pages of any type of your choosing.

Add new page menu

Add new page menu


After adding a page to the list, you can delete it, reorder it or use the edit button to edit the page name. Please remember the page name will be the page title participants’ will see in their questionnaire.


By clicking the page name, you will be able to customize the page by including questions, charts, forum controls and more depending on the page type.

To learn how to set up each page type, please see our section devoted to each one or read the Round page types article.


Once you have added your participants (see how here), the round pages and its questions, you just have to click the “Start round” button and your questionnaire is now live.

The final step is to invite your participants into the questionnaire. To know how, just read the Invite participants and manage their status article.