When you click a personal link to access a Welphi questionnaire, the platform will automatically take you to the login page and detect whether you have already created a password in the past or not.

You can check the process’s name in the page’s lower-left corner to ensure you are in the right place.

You must have a username and password to return to the questionnaire whenever you want. You will also use these credentials to access the subsequent rounds for this or any other Welphi process.

If this is your first time answering a questionnaire on the Welphi platform, you will be informed that you will need  to create a new password. Just click “OK” to acknowledge this information and continue.

Personal link - access page

Personal link – access page


On the next page type your new password. Please repeat the same password in the two boxes and press “Next”.

Universal link - Create credentials - password

Personal link – Create credentials – password

Finally, you must accept the “Terms and conditions” by checking the appropriate box.
Clicking “Next” will now move you straight to the questionnaire.

Universal link - Create credentials - Terms and conditions

Personal link – Create credentials – Terms and conditions

From now on, whenever you follow a link to a questionnaire, your e-mail address will already be prefilled, and you just need to type your password. Clicking the “Sign in” button will then take you straight to the questionnaire.

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