Welphi questionnaire pages

Qualitative Delphi (fixed scale) page

Qualitative Pages Qualitative pages enable users to create questions where participants will be answering by using a qualitative scale. These pages can be used to validate a set of elements like indicators, criteria, strategies or policies. From this point on, let’s assume you need to ask your participants to validate a set of indicators using […]

Round page types

Delphi processes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you may need to validate a set of options using a qualitative scale, and some other times you may need to ask quantitative questions or even ranking ones. Each round in Welphi is composed of several pages within which you can include your questions. Each page […]

Ranking Pages and questions

Ranking pages enable users to create questions where participants will be asked to order a set of options according to their preferences in light of the context presented. Just like other types of questions in Welphi, rounds after the first can show the aggregated results as a chart thus making it easier for participants no analyze the results and eventually update their opinions. Ranking page example for […]

Quantitative pages and questions

As the name makes clear, quantitative pages enable users to create questions where participants will be answering simply by typing a number. Each quantitative page can hold one or more questions as long as all of them require a quantitative answer. There are two different ways to set up quantitative questions: on the same page, […]

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